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Please note all items can be custom designed.

Red River Traders is Métis Owned and Operated.

Whenever possible work is done in house or through other Aboriginal Suppliers.

"Buy Aboriginal whenever possible!"

If you are looking for custom products some are available at www.tntpromo.ca look under the tab labeled catalogues and browse the thousands of options. Sashes, Hat Bands all things Métis will be found here.

Silicone Bracelets

Silicone Bracelets
  $2.00 each if order 100 or more cost 1.25 each.

Lanyards with above design or custom to your specs

  $3.00 each if order is more than 100 cost is 2.25 each

Patches ¾" x 1.5" (with heat press backing)

Métis Flag Blue Red or Diagonal split

  2.00 each if order is more than 100 pieces 1.25 each

Fridge Magnets; 2" x 3"

Fridge Magnets
  3.00 each if more than 100 call for quote

Pins 3/4 x 3/4"

Métis Flag Red or Blue


1 inch infinity pins

  3.00 each if order is more than 100 pieces 2.50 each

Lapel Pin Sashes

Label pin
  8.00 each if more than 50 6.00 each

If 200 or more 5.00 each if 300 or more 4.50 each if 500 or more 4.00 each if quantity exceeds 1000 2.95 each

Wide Range of Métis Sashes;
Men's, Ladies, Child's, Hat Bands, Toques.


Personalization is available for example your organizations embroidered logo!

  E-mail or call for current pricing;

If quantity total is more than 100 pieces call for bulk pricing.

Mens 19.00 Ladies/Youth 18.00 Childs 15.00

Lapel Pin SashesMétis Voyager Toque

  Price: $13.00 cdn.

One size fits most

Hat can be personalized as well! Logo 4.00

Desk Flags

Sesk flags
  Desk Flags $8.00 each

One size fits most

Hat can be personalized as well! Logo 4.00

Coffee Mugs Ceramic

Coffee mugs
  $7.00 each

If you order more than 72 pieces 6.00 each

Stickers 3" x 6"

  $2.00 each

License Plates

License plates
  $8.00 each

Poppy Beaded 2" diam

Poppy beaded
  $20.00 each

Métis Flags 3 ft x 5 ft

Metis flags
  Indoor quality flags 10.00 each printed on one side available in Blue or Red

Red Bag / Backpacks

Red flags
  6.00 each

Resistance Flags

Resistance flags
  Resistance Flags 75.00 each or 60.00 each if more than 100 ordered.

Special orders on resistance flags.

Hand made tobacco pouch

Tabacco pouch
  $ 35.00 ea..

Hand made tobacco pouch available on request. The tobacco is a ceremonial blend.

Capable of large quantity orders.

Hooded sweatshirts

Hooded sweatshirts
  30.00 each

100 quantity - $22.00 ea.

Hooded sweatshirts, sizes sm-XXXL
Many colors, youth and child available please inquire
Custom imprinted one color


  10.00 ea.

100 quantity - $7.00 ea.

Custom imprinted one color
Sizes sm- 5XL, youth and childrens also available
Many colors to choose from


  $ 45.00 ea.

Custom embroidered
Pendelton and Kanata blankets are available as well please enquire

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