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Basic Item Name


Price Per Unit

  Sm, med or lg Buttons, ea  


  Collar Dogs, Sets   6.00
  Shoulder Titles, Sets

Also have GENIE!
  Belt Buckle CME Crested


No Belt included if required add $3.00 ea
  13.00 ea
  Garrison Style Belt Buckles

Solid Brass with gold plating.
  24.00 ea
  Blazer crest CME   14.00 ea
  ERII   18.00 ea
  George V1   20.00 ea
  Canadian Airborne Regiment   24.00 ea
  Office CWO Cap Badge   14.00 ea
  NCM Cap Badges

Steel Cap Badges
  10.00 ea

15.00 ea
  Mess Dress Ranks
Cpl - CWO
  14.00 ea
  Hazard Badges

Also have some steel badges.
  12.00 ea
  Mess Dress Collar Dogs   12.00 pr
  Blazer Buttons Lg or small   3.00 ea
  CME Ties

Bow Ties

Brick Red
  26.00 each


  CME Tie clip   16.00 ea
  CME Tie Tack   10.00 ea
  Tuxedo shirt studs CME   6.00 ea
  CME Rings Silver

Poor quality picture
  CME Fleece Vest Embroidered   40.00 ea
  CME Fleece Jacket Embroidered   45.00 ea
  CME Jacket Embroidered inner and outer   160.00 ea
  CME OD Tee Shirts screened Black left Chest   10.00 ea
  CME Hooded Sweatshirt Embroidered   25.00 ea
  CME Sweatpants Embroidered   23.00 ea
  CME Ball Cap Embroidered Front   10.00 ea
  CME Toque Embroidered   10.00 ea
  Golf Towel   15.00 ea
  CME Pins 5/8" Color filled   5.00 ea
  Flaming Grenade Pin 5/8"

Poor picture quality
  5.00 ea
  CME Flag 3' x 6' rope and toggle   85.00 ea
  CME Flag 1.5' x 3' grommets   60.00 ea
  CME Flag Desk   16.00 ea
  License Plate steel UBIQUEk   10.00 ea
  License Plate steel CHIMO   10.00 ea
  Gortex Jacket   160.00 ea
  Coffee Cups stainless steel

Coffee Cups Glass
  $ 12.00

$ 8.50

Bumper stickers $ 4.00 ea.

Airborne Regiment.        Airborne Red or White Leaf

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